Body Massage
Facial Rejuvenation
Eye basti (oil bath for the eyes) $75 / 50 €
Relieves tension, pain, and fatigue from the eyes; helps with glaucoma, conjunctivitis, cornea inflammation, sunken eyes, poor eyesight, and other eye disorders. Also removes redness from the eyes, brings rich luster to the eyes, smoothes out wrinkles, and gives a feeling of contentment.  This treatment starts with a short face massage, which helps you to relax and ground yourself.  Then we place a doughnut made from dough around each eye and pour warm ghee until the whole eye is covered.  After the treatment, the eyes need to rest, so please schedule accordingly. This treatment can also be done in a series: 3-4 days in a row or 1/week for 4 weeks is recommended.

Ear basti $75 / 50 €
Decreases dryness and itching in the ears, air pressure, tinnitus (sound in the ears); increases conducting capacity and prevents deafness if done regularly.  With a constitutionally appropriate oil, we will first perform the face, head and ear massage. After the massage, we will apply steam to the ear to penetrate the oil deeper into the tissues. After the steam application, the ear is filled with warm oil and the ear is again massaged.

Heart basti (oil treatment for the heart; heart bath) $75 / 50 €
30-minute oil bath for the heart
Wonderful treatment for people who have any heart problems (weak heart, after heart attack, etc.) and also for people who travel extensively and whose hearts are under lots of pressure (stress).  First, a dough doughnut is placed around the heart. Then the doughnut is filled with warm oil that nourishes the heart. Soft, quiet, nourishing music is played while you relax and focus on your heart. Clients have reported feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment.

Get the maximum benefits with a series of bastis:
Series of three                                                                                   $205 ($10 off)
Series of five                                                                                     $335 ($20 off)
Series of seven                                                                                  $465 ($30 off)

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