Body Massage
Facial Rejuvenation
Shirodhara $85 / 55 €
Fine stream of warm oil is running on your third eye area of the forehead for about 30 minutes. This treatment gives a feeling of deep relaxation and pleasure and als^xo helps to calm and clear the mind. Great treatment for people who work under lots of stress and need instant, deep relaxation.  This treatment starts with a face and feet massage to relax the body and prepare it for the treatment.

Get the maximum benefits with a series of shirodharas:
Series of three                                                                                   $250 / 160 € ($5 / 5 € off)
Series of five                                                                                     $410 / 260 € ($15 / 15 € off)
Series of seven                                                                                  $570 / 360 € ($25 / 25 € off)

After the first shirodhara treatment, I had a persistent image of standing in the doorway of extraordinary light. I was embodying more grace. There was a sense of new possibilities. This image stayed with me for days.” 

- Lisa, San Francisco

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