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Ayurveda’s 5,000 year old wisdom gives us great insight into purification and healing.  Purification is the process of eliminating imbalances from the past, which cause the current unbalanced condition.  One of the basic laws of Ayurveda is that when one or another of the forces of nature becomes disturbed through excess or deficiency, disease is established. We must reverse this process -- re-establish the balance of the natural forces -- to regain our health.  This technique is called Pancha Karma and is a process of eliminating toxins from the body through the digestive tract.  Pancha Karma not only accelerates restoration of physical and mental health, but also makes the material foundation for spiritual progress.  There are many purification systems in the world, but Pancha Karma is one of the most gentle, effective, and efficient methods of detoxification.


Digestion is probably the most important process that our body performs.  During Pancha Karma (and one week after that) you will be on a special diet consisting primarily of grains and vegetables.  Also, we will make sure that you are digesting your food properly by supplementing your diet with digestive herbs.  The second most important body process is elimination, so you will take elimination formula every evening to ensure proper bowel movement the next day.

Between the days 3-5 the body will be internally and externally oleated in order to loosen toxins in the body and bring them to the digestive tract.  The internal oleation is in the form of medicated ghee consumption.  The medicated ghee is prepared by the practitioner, and consumed by the client in the morning of the days 3, 4, and 5.  The external oleation (also on days 3-5) is done by gently massaging warm constitutionally appropriate oil into the skin and followed by fomentation (heat application) by either hot towel treatment or a bath.  Fomentation opens the channels and brings the toxins out.  On day 6, you will take purgation formula and eliminate all the toxins that were brought into the digestive tract during the cleanse. On day 7 you will rest, relax and start rebuilding your digestive fire and rejuvenate your system. The rejuvenation process will take at least one week.


First of all you must have motivation to regain your health. Then, you must have commitment to the process set by the practitioner.  Severe consequences might appear if on the day of purgation you don’t follow the exact guidelines set by the practitioner.  Pancha Karma is a delicate art as well as science and is precisely individualized for each health seeker.  You must be willing to set aside time when your primary focus will be on healing even though you will be able to participate in your day to day activities during most of the cleanse (it’s not a good idea to do Pancha Karma during a deadline week or any other stressful period).  You should create a peaceful and quiet environment with minimum stress so as to free up as much energy as possible for healing.  Purification, under the best of circumstances, is not a simple process.  Pancha Karma can be difficult.  One does not heal without struggle.  Also, you must have the patience to go through the process of reversing the disease.  Sometimes old symptoms will reappear or symptoms will appear to be worse.  Frequently, there will be a feeling of crisis.  There are all positive signs, as they show that the actual physical, psychological, and spiritual disorders are being dealt with. 


Even though our Pancha Karma is scheduled for one week, you still will need another week to recover and follow recommended diet.  Make sure that day 6 (the Purgation Day) is on the weekend or other day that you don’t have to (and won’t be able to) work.  Don’t schedule anything for that day.  It’s important that this day is dedicated to resting. The first 5 days are preparatory and it’s the time when toxins are loosened and moved from the organs and cells throughout the body into the digestive tract.  On day 6, the toxins are eliminated from the body and then the body is rejuvenated.  Pancha Karma can be done whenever necessary to cleanse the body or as a general practice in the fall to prepare for winter or in the spring to prepare for the summer.  It’s not advisable to do it during hot summer or very cold winter.  Also, Pancha Karma cannot be done during menstruation.  The best time to start Pancha Karma for women is right after a menstruation, since the body already went through a natural process of gentle cleansing.

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